Do you know an Effective, Reliable and Proven Technician? As a network of technicians, Aviation NetWorX seeks your assistance in finding the best technicians in the industry. You can help! If you have a past or present colleague or employee who possesses the core attributes needed at ATG, we are you asking you to refer them to our network.

Why Should I?

1. You can earn Royalties when you refer a colleague – Once you meet minimum parameters, you can earn cash for every hour your referral works. Contact ATG for details.

2. You can help your colleague find great jobs in our network.

3. By adding more skilled technicians to our network, ATG is able to secure great jobs with the best aviation companies bringing you more opportunities.

Three steps to referring;

Referral Process

First – Sign onto your NetWorX account.

SecondOn your Technician Dashboard, scroll down to Refer at Technician.

Third – Fill out your colleague’s name and email with a short message telling them why they should join NetWorX.

Fourth – Our system will send your colleague a message and get them on board!