ATG offers better treatment and a broader professional horizon!

We’re a company formed by technicians, for technicians, because we felt it’s time for a change. We’ll back you all the way. We’ll help you achieve your career goals, and provide you the opportunity to be an entrepreneur as well. You can trust ATG.

Hot Benefits

  • Bonuses – travel and referral
  • Easy pay advances – you may draw on up to 70% of your hours

Pay Rate and Programs

  • ATG is committed to providing the highest rates to its technicians. This is an outcome of providing clients with only the best technicians,
  • Weekly pay and no hold back,
  • Additional earnings spikes – AOG and production based opportunities.
  • Referral Bonus Program


  • Room for other roles and for advancement – Associate and On-Site Representatives.
  • In-House Instructor – opportunities to train and help others upgrade their qualifications.

ATG currently has relations with a number of post-secondary institutions

Corporate Culture

  • ATG is a company created by technicians, for technicians. ATG techs enjoy the backing of their company. Management stands behind the quality performance of the technician. No scapegoating.
  • ATG technicians are encouraged to help grow and develop the company, to make their opinions heard, to share their expertise and help the team become ever more versatile, expert and in demand.
  • Recognition within the industry as being part of a specialized team.